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Maximized Training While You Tend to Your Day

Day Training: Comprehensive Learning for Busy Schedules

Ark Training’s Day Training program is the ideal solution for busy dog owners. It offers your dog a full day of expert training, covering various skills and behaviors, ensuring they receive consistent and professional training, even when your schedule is packed.

What is Day Training?

Our Day Training program involves your dog spending the day with our professionals, receiving personalized training in obedience, socialization, and behavior modification.

We tailor the training to your dog’s needs, ensuring effective and comprehensive learning.

Advantages of Professional Day Training

This program offers the convenience of intensive training and a structured learning environment.

It’s an excellent way to ensure your dog’s training is consistent and uninterrupted, regardless of how busy you are.

Comprehensive Training Coverage

Day Training covers everything from basic obedience to specific behavioral challenges.

It’s designed to address your dog’s unique needs for a well-rounded training experience.

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Pricing and Enrollment

Enroll in Our Day Training Program

Our Day Training includes full ‘work day’s for your pup. Drop off is between 7am-9am, and pick up is from 4pm-6pm, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

This program can supplement your current training package or continue training after completion. Your dog will enjoy training, rest, and playtime, with regular social media updates and a detailed Paw-gress Report.

Training Options and Prices:

Single Day

$ 175

3 Day Academy

$ 500

5 Day Academy

$ 750

10 Day Academy

$ 1300

Real Transformations, Lasting Results

Discover the success stories of dogs who have gone through our Day Training program. These testimonials from satisfied owners highlight the dramatic improvements in behavior, obedience, and the overall well-being of their pets.

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Transform Your Dog’s Day into a Learning Adventure

Ready to provide your dog with professional training while managing your daily commitments? Contact us to learn more about our Day Training program and choose the best plan for your dog.

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