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Interactive Classes for Social Skills and Obedience

Group Dog Training: Socialize and Learn Together

Our Group Dog Training classes offer an excellent opportunity for your dog to learn and socialize in a safe, controlled environment. These classes focus on enhancing social skills, obedience, and overall behavior in a group setting, making training a fun and engaging experience for your dog.

Why Group Training?

Group training is not just about learning commands; it’s about understanding and navigating the social world of dogs. It helps in developing good manners, reducing anxiety in social settings, and building confidence.

These classes also provide a platform for dog owners to share experiences and tips.

Structured, Fun, and Engaging Classes

Our classes are structured to ensure a positive learning environment for all participants.

We use fun and engaging methods to teach essential obedience skills while ensuring every dog gets individual attention within the group dynamic.

Class Information and Schedule

Our group classes are scheduled regularly and cater to different skill levels, from beginners to more advanced. Each session is designed to be progressive, building on skills from previous classes. Check our schedule for upcoming classes and find the right fit for your dog.

Our Group Training Options

A Paw-some Start!

A 6-week group class focusing on building and strengthening your relationship with your dog. Ideal for puppies or adult dogs needing a basic obedience refresher.
$ 300

It's Paw-ssible!

A 4-week course concentrating on loose leash walking, perfect for dogs that need to learn leash manners. This class is not for reactive dogs.
$ 250

React Paw-sitively!

An 8-week class for dogs that are reactive on leash. Builds key skills in a safe environment. Requires completion of at least 1 private session with Ark Training before attending.
$ 500

Recalling Rover!

This 4-session class focuses on developing a reliable recall in various environments, teaching impulse control, and enhancing focus. Perfect for mastering recall skills.
$ 250

Virtual Nail Trimming Course

Learn how to trim your dog's nails stress-free in this 4-session virtual course. Ideal for addressing fear or aggression during nail care and saving money on grooming.
$ 100

Additional Information

All prices are per dog. For questions or more information, please contact us at

Success in Numbers

Many of our clients have seen remarkable improvements in their dogs' behavior and social skills after attending our group classes. Hear their stories and see how group training has made a positive impact on their lives.

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