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Personalized Attention for Effective Results

Private Dog Training: Tailored to Your Dog's Unique Needs

Our Private Dog Training service is designed to offer individualized attention and a customized training plan tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

Whether it’s addressing behavioral challenges, enhancing obedience skills, or focusing on particular training goals, our one-on-one sessions provide the focused environment your dog needs to thrive.

A Tailored Training Experience

Every dog is unique, and so are our training methods. We start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your dog’s behavior, temperament, and learning style. This insight allows us to create a bespoke training program that maximizes learning efficiency and effectiveness

Why Choose Private Training?

Private training sessions offer numerous benefits including personalized attention, faster learning due to tailored techniques, and the flexibility to schedule sessions around your lifestyle. This focused approach leads to more immediate and long-lasting results, ensuring your dog’s training is not just effective but also enjoyable.

Guided by Certified Professionals

Led by our team of certified trainers and behaviorists, each session leverages their deep understanding of canine behavior.

Our trainers are equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge, ensuring your dog receives the highest quality of training.

Our Private Dog Training Options

One Pit Wonder

1-hour appointment. Ideal for pups that need a single fix. Travel expenses may apply.
$ 250

A Paw-lite Start

A 3-week program with 1-hour weekly sessions. This package offers a solid start in building and strengthening your bond, teaching 2-3 skills tailored to your dog's needs. Travel expenses may apply.
$ 500

Ulti-mutt Training Package

A comprehensive 5-week program with 1-hour sessions per week, focusing on foundational skills for a happy life with your canine. Tailored to your dog's specific needs. Travel expenses may apply.
$ 775

Ruff Around the Edges

Suited for challenging behaviors or advanced training. Includes 8 one-hour sessions, scheduled about a week apart, and personalized to your dog and family's needs. Travel expenses may apply.
$ 1050

Pawsitively Off Leash!

The ultimate off-leash program to enhance listening skills, recall, and strengthen your bond. Includes 6 private sessions and an E-collar training tool. Achieve freedom and reliability off-leash with our expert guidance.
$ 1200
ARK Training - Dog Training Stoney Plain

Additional Support for Every Program

All Private Training programs come with UNLIMITED email and phone support, and access to drop-in group classes to help continue your skills and build success with increasing distractions.

Transformations That Speak Volumes

Hear from our clients who have experienced remarkable transformations in their dogs through our Private Dog Training service. From challenging behavioral issues to achieving new levels of obedience, these success stories showcase the profound impact of our personalized approach.

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Start Your Dog's Personalized Training Journey

Choose the program that best fits your dog’s needs and embark on a transformative journey. Contact us to enroll and start building a deeper, more joyful relationship with your dog.

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