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Transforming Lives with Personalized Dog Training

Discover Ark Training's unique approach to dog behavior therapy, where every training session is a step towards a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with your dog.

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ARK Training - Dog Treat
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Our Mission

Why Ark Training?

Dedicated to creating harmonious relationships, we focus on understanding and empowering dogs to prevent rehoming and reduce euthanasia.

Our mission is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by rescue dogs. We’re committed to transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and bonding, ensuring every dog has a chance for a happy, secure life with their family.

ARK Training - Dog Training Stoney Plain

Our Approach

How We Make a Difference

Empathy-driven training tailored to individual needs. Our certified behaviorists address root causes of issues, using advanced, regulated techniques.

Each dog is unique, and so is our approach. We focus on understanding each dog’s individual personality and background, crafting a training plan that addresses their specific needs. Our goal is not just to train, but to foster understanding and trust between dogs and their owners.

Comprehensive Dog Training Services

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Private Dog Training

Explore personalized dog training with Ark Training. Our one-on-one sessions ensure focused attention and customized plans for your dog’s unique needs. Experience the difference with our certified professionals.

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ARK Training - Dog Training in Stoney Plain

Group Dog Training

Join Ark Training’s Group Dog Training classes to boost your dog’s social skills and obedience. Structured and engaging classes for dogs of all levels. Enroll now for a fun and educational experience.

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ARK Training - Dog Training in Stoney Plain

Day Training

Enroll in Ark Training’s Day Training program for busy dog owners. Professional, full-day training sessions tailored to your dog’s needs. Explore our flexible academy options and enroll today!

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Client Success Stories

Discover transformative journeys of dogs and families, showcasing the impact of our compassionate, skilled training approach.

Read real stories from our clients about how Ark Training has made a significant difference in their lives. From challenging behavior modifications to joyful reunions, these stories exemplify the success and fulfillment we strive for in every case.

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Start Your Journey

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Ready to see a positive change in your dog’s behavior? Book a discovery call with us and take the first step towards a harmonious and happy life with your furry friend.

New to ARK Training?

Unfortunately we are currently not accepting any new clients at this time as maternity leave as of June first and will be coming back 2025.

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